Curriculum and Lesson Plans

PSK4U Day 1 Sheet PDF

PSK4U Curriculum PDF

Catholic Graduate Expectations PDF

Learning Skills Document PDF


Kinesiology: An Introduction to Exercise Science
Thompson Educational Publishing Inc. 2015


Lessons and Notes

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Kinesiology PDF

Chapter 2 - History of Physical Activity PDF

Chapter 3 - Business, Physical Activity and Sport PDF

Chapter 4 - Ethical Issues, Physical Activity and Sport PDF

Chapter 5 - Skeletal and Articular Systems PDF

Chapter 6 - The Muscular System PDF

Chapter 7 - Energy Systems and Physical Activity PDF

Chapter 8 - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems PDF

Chapter 9 - Human Growth and Development PDF

Chapter 10 - Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition PDF

Chapter 11 - Biomechanical Theory and Concepts PDF

Chapter 12 - Seven Principles of Biomechanics PDF

Chapter 13 - Analyzing the Efficiency of Human Movement PDF

Chapter 14 - Nutrition for Human Performance PDF

Chapter 15 - Training and Human performance PDF

Chapter 16 - Ergogenic Substances and Techniques PDF


Master Rubric PDF 

Presentation Rubric PDF

Oral Presentation Rubric PDF

Written Work Rubric PDF


Culminating Activity

Culminating Activity PDF



Sports Injury Seminar PDF

Knee Injuries PDF

Ankle and Foot Injuries PDF

Head, Back and Neck Injuries PDF

Hand and Elbow Injuries PDF

Shoulder Injuries PDF

Hip and Thigh Injuries PDF