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Curriculum Expectations and Guidelines

PSE4U Day 1 Sheet PDF

PSE4U Curriculum PDF

Catholic Graduate Expectations PDF

Learning Skills Document PDF

Lesson Planner

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Student Activities

Muscle Activity Sheets PDF

Activity 1 Health Profile PDF

Activity 2 Health Inventory PDF

Activity 3 Environmental Scan PDF

Activity 4 Community Survey PDF

Activity 5 Up Close and Personal PDF

Activity 6 Alternate Health Practices PDF

Activity 7 Humor as Preventative Medicine PDF

Activity 8 Directional Terms PDF

Activity 9 Plane Movements PDF

Activity 10 Joint Types and Movements PDF

Activity 11 Anterior Skeleton PDF

Activity 12 Posterior Skeleton PDF

Activity 13 Skull and Rib Cage PDF

Activity 14 Spinal Column PDF

Activity 15 Hand and Foot PDF

Activity 16 Pectoral Girdle and Elbow PDF

Activity 17 Pelvic Girdle PDF

Activity 18 The Knee PDF

Activity 19 Anterior Muscles PDF

Activity 20 Posterior Muscles PDF

Activity 21 Pectoral Girdle Muscles PDF 

Activity 22 Scapula-Humeral Region Muscles PDF

Activity 23 Arm Muscles PDF

Activity 24 Pelvic Girdle Muscles PDF

Activity 25 Anterior Thigh Muscles PDF

Activity 26 Posterior Thigh Muscles PDF

Activity 27 Lower Leg Muscles PDF

Activity 28 Abdominal Muscles PDF

Activity 29 The Heart PDF

Activity 30 The Lungs PDF

Activity 31 Systemic Circulation PDF

Activity 32 Heart Rate Lab PDF

Activity 33 The Step Test PDF

Activity 34 The 2400m Run Test PDF

Activity 35 Lung Volume Test PDF

Activity 36 Introduction to Biomechanics PDF

Activity 37 Mass and Inertia PDF

Activity 38 Force and Acceleration PDF

Activity 39 Impulse and Impact PDF

Activity 40 Projectile Motion PDF

Activity 41 Fluid Dynamics PDF

Activity 42 Balance and Stability PDF

Activity 43 Sports Injuries PDF

Lessons and Notes

Chapter 1 - Health and Wellness Lesson Notes

Chapter 2 - Anatomy Lesson Notes

Chapter 3 - Muscle Structure and Function Lesson Notes

Chapter 4 - Muscles at Work Lesson Notes

Chapter 5 - Energy for Muscular Activity Lesson Notes

Chapter 6 - Heart and Lungs Lesson Notes

Chapter 7 - Biomechanics Lesson Notes

Chapter 8 - Sports Injuries Lesson Notes

Chapter 9 - Fitness Lesson Notes

Chapter 10 - Evaluation in PE Lesson Notes

Chapter 11 - Nutrition Lesson Notes

Chapter 12 - Weight Management Lesson Notes

Chapter 13 - Substance Use and Abuse Lesson Notes

Chapter 14 - Mental Side of Performance Lesson Notes

Chapter 15 - Growth and Development Lesson Notes

Chapter 16 - Movement Intelligence Lesson Notes

Chapter 17 - Information Processing Lesson Notes

Chapter 18 - Motor Learning Lesson Notes

Chapter 19 - Sports Issues Lesson Notes

Chapter 20 - Society, Culture and Sport Lesson Notes

Chapter 21 - Beyond the Gym Class Lesson Notes

Chapter 22 - Research Methods Lesson Notes

Chapter 23 - Statistics Lesson Notes





Master Rubric PDF 

Presentation Rubric PDF

Oral Presentation Rubric PDF

Written Work Rubric PDF


Culminating Activity

Culminating Activity PDF



Sports Injury Seminar PDF


Knee Injuries PDF

Ankle and Foot Injuries PDF

Head, Back and Neck Injuries PDF

Hand and Elbow Injuries PDF

Shoulder Injuries PDF

Hip and Thigh Injuries PDF


Test/Exam Review

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Chapter 2 PDF

Chapter 3 PDF

Chapter 4 PDF

Chapter 5  PDF

Chapter 6 PDF

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

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Chapter 14

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