Welcome to Recreation and Fitness Leadership (PLF4C)

Our Mission Statement

To serve the students of Regina Mundi in a community that nurtures a positive and enduring school spirit and provides lasting memories of their Catholic high school experience. Our goal is to increase student involvement in all curricular and extracurricular events and activities. We hope to promote a connectedness and commitment to the RMC community.


1)  To build a stronger community and greater school spirit

2)  To provide opportunities for students to create lasting positive memories and experiences

3)  To increase student involvement in all curricular and extracurricular events and activities

4)  To increase student connectedness and commitment to the RMC community


Curriculum Expectations and Guidelines

PLF4C Day 1 Sheet PDF

PLF4C Curriculum  PDF

Catholic Graduate Expectations PDF

Learning Skills Document PDF

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OPHEA Safety Guidelines (Intramural) PDF

OPHEA Safety Guidelines (Interschool) PDF


Lesson Planner

Online PLF4C Day Plan Click Here

Lessons and Notes

Chapter 1 - Theories of Leadership Lesson Notes

Chapter 2 - Leadership Skills Lesson Notes

Chapter 3 - Group Development Lesson Notes

Chapter 4 - Recreation and Leisure Lesson Notes

Chapter 5 - Needs Assessment Lesson Notes

Chapter 6 - Event Coordination Lesson Notes

Chapter 7 - Promoting Participation Lesson Notes

Chapter 8 - Mentoring Lesson Notes

Chapter 9 - Nutrition Guidelines Lesson Notes

Chapter 10 - Vitality Lesson Notes

Chapter 11 - Developing Fitness Lesson Notes

Chapter 12 - Fitness Evaluation Lesson Notes

Chapter 13 - Risk Management Lesson Notes

Chapter 14 - Injury Management Lesson Notes

Chapter 15 - Fitness Safety Lesson Notes

Chapter 16 - Careers Lesson Notes


Presentation Rubric PDF

Oral Presentation Rubric PDF

Written Work Rubric PDF

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Culminating Activity 

Culminating Activity


Test/Exam Review

Midterm Exam Review

Final Exam Review



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